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WinMill Software


WinMill software is an enterprise software system for the efficient management of Animal Feed manufacturing businesses. It has been in operation in a number of Ireland’s largest feed manufacturers for some 25 years and has been continually enhanced using leading edge programming, database and internet technologies. WinMill software co-ordinates all the administrative and management functions within a milling business to provide a highly efficient enterprise solution.

Some of the key modules and their advanced features are…

Order Entry

  • Integrated V.W.D Management.
  • Credit Checking & Order Blocking.

Production & Transport Planning

  • Google Maps Api – to show customer locations & order details.

Finished Product Outloading

  • Weighbridge Control.
  • Interface to Process Control systems for bin locking and product validation.

Live Invoicing

  • Invoices can be created and posted to customer’s account instantly when feed is weighed out.

Product Pricing

  • Customised pricing systems.


  • Statement printing including tonnages.
  • Aged Debt analysis over 12 months.
  • Aged Receipt analysis over 12 months.

Margin Analysis

  • Extraction of production data from Process Control systems for analysis versus sales data.

Sales Analysis

  • Detailed sales pattern analysis with graphics.

Product Labelling

  • Product formulations with direct link to Formulation packages.
  • Bag Label and Bulk Docket Declarations.

Haulage Analysis

  • Detailed haulage reports and costing.

Online Order Entry

  • WinMiLL Software feature an Online Order Entry module that allows customers to enter their own orders.

Online Customer Portal

  • Customers can view and print their own Delivery dockets, Invoice etc, all online.

Raw Material Orders and Contracts System

  • Sophisticated Contract management.

Raw Material Collection Orders System

  • Integrated into the Contracts system to automatically update contracts when loads are weighed in.

Un-manned Raw Material Weigh-In

  • Trailers are fitted with RFID tags and are automatically detected and weighed in and out at the Goods-In weighbridge.

Contract Analysis

  • Detailed analysis and reporting.

Raw Material Requirement Planning

  • Merging current contract data with estimated future prices and expected production tonnage to give weighted average cost per ton.

Returns System

  • Automated weighing in of returns and generation of Credit Note.

Audit Trail

  • A history of the edits made to any piece of data is automatically maintained and can be viewed at any time.


  • Texts can be sent to Customers, Sales Reps etc directly from WinMiLL.

Touch Screen

  • WinMiLL is fully touchscreen compatible.

Remote Working

  • Because the system is based on an SQL database it can be operated directly from any place in the world via the internet.

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